State Action Alert 3-12-2012

Say NO to Additional Reductions to In-Home Supportive Services

On Thursday, March 15th the Senate Budget Committee will consider the Governor’s proposal to eliminate the In-Home Supportive Services Domestic & Related Services benefit for those living in the same household as their caregiver.

This means that important daily care tasks caregivers provide – including housework, grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry, etc. – would no longer be paid for by the State. This will negatively impact 245,000 current IHSS recipients, and make the job of caring for them that much more difficult.

This proposal is yet another attempt by the Governor to reduce IHSS services in the name of ‘cost-savings’ – despite the fact that IHSS costs the State six times less than similar institutional care.

Call Your State Senator Today!

Call both offices and tell them:
• The Domestic and Related Services benefit is a critical component to providing quality in-home care to our most fragile population,
• URGE them to oppose the proposal to cut the funding for this benefit when it is heard by the Senate Budget Committee on March 15th.

Help us build a groundswell of opposition to this proposal by standing WITH caregivers.