Hurray! The New Year is here again!! A time filled with excitement, joy, anticipation, and merriment. Seniors and young ones alike would want to make the most of this season. When planning such celebrations that include the elderly, there are specific care measures you need to consider. If you are searching for tips for enjoying a safe and fun-filled New Year with your aged parent, you have come to the right place. These tips will guide you to enjoy this holiday with the elderly.

  • Host a senior-friendly New Year’s Eve party

Instead of fighting the crowd at festivals and carnivals on New Year’s Eve, why not host one? Depending on your budget, you could host a great party for the holiday in your home where family members will gather to drink and make merry. You could make it more senior-friendly by introducing activities, games, and toast that they can easily participate in and enjoy. Making a senior family member feel special is a Christmas present they will always remember.

  • Limit the noise

One of the downsides of taking seniors to outdoor shows and parties during New Year’s Eve is the massive fireworks, poppers, and other displays that showcase frightening scenes and make a lot of noise. These can be disturbing for most seniors, especially those struggling with vision loss, mental impairment and a history of being a bit shy.

  • Make New Year Resolutions

During the New Year’s get together parties, seniors could play games with younger ones, challenge, motivate themselves, and makes goals for the New Year. They could also discuss their plans for 2020 and make resolutions as well. Family members could also remind each other of previous resolutions jokingly. This may also be a good time to talk about all the parties and events going on at senior living facilities, a calm conversation about never being alone not just during the holidays but every day is a safe subject. Elderlink.org has all the information you require to answer any question a senior family member may have.

  • Introduce theme parties

Seniors with excellent mobility can enjoy themed parties that include games that are more physical or even a theme party where they have to dress according to the theme, could be an all-white party or cowboy attire. For seniors who like to shake their bodies, a dance party would be appropriate, while a dinner night would be best for senior foodies.

You can celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another in various exciting ways. Family members and caregivers understand the needs of seniors better so they can plan the best senior-friendly party this season. Need more information give us a call, 800 613-5772 let the experts help.