In California, nursing homes are considered health care facilities and as such are licensed and scrutinized by the California Department of Health Services. As medical facilities they are allowed to provide services that cannot be dispensed in assisted living or board and care homes. Typically these services involve managing complex and potentially serious medical problems such as infections, wound care, IV therapy, and coma care. They offer both short and long term care options for those with serious problems and disabilities such quadriplegics, MS patients, ALS patients and others who are bedridden and are unable to do anything on their own.
Nursing homes also provide a host of rehabilitation services that are typically utilized on a short-term basis after a hospitalization for injury or illness. Patients can receive almost any kind of rehabilitative therapy in nursing homes these days, most of which will be covered, in whole or part, by Medicare or Medicare HMO’s, with the requirement that there is hospitalization for 3 days prior to a discharge to a nursing home. However, the implementation of the Prospective Payment System limits payments to nursing homes and allows them to choose who they admit.
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