ELDERLINK – Points Out 6 Signs Your Elderly Parents Need Help

As we live in unprecedented times today, it is more important to keep an eye on your aging parent and ensure their health status is always checked. The authorities and health care providers do encourage social distancing and good personal hygiene. And they are doing their best to ensure that the elderly are as safe as possible.

But adult children have more roles to play to ensure their aged parents are fine. There are sure signs you should always watch out for, and when you notice any, you should know that your elderly parent needs help quickly.

Most times, it takes several efforts and curiosity to find out how much help they need. While at other times, you can quickly tell they need help right away as soon as you visit them. Hence, the key is always to pay attention to their needs.

Read on to find out what these signs are for most seniors.

  • A bunch of unpaid bills

Many seniors quickly lose track of bills payments monthly. And most times, it could be challenging to ascertain how many unpaid bills have piled up already. Forgetting such little yet significant things may be a sign of dementia or disorganization.

  • House looking untidy

As seniors age, they gradually lose their vision and mobility. So don’t be surprised when you find the entire house looking like a shadow of itself with dust all over the living room. There are specific house chores an elderly parent can no longer do due to deteriorating health conditions. You need to know whether they need help with daily tasks and avail yourself to hire someone.

  • A decline in healthy eating

Has your elderly parent suddenly lost the spark for eating healthy meals? Or you realize that there is always spoiled food in the fridge? You may also notice that there is no fresh food in the refrigerator any longer. Either way, it’s a sign that they need help with cooking. 

  • Low personal hygiene

Seniors need to take their hygiene seriously. But when the elderly begin to neglect certain aspects of grooming and dressing or forgets to change their clothes, it’s a sure sign that they need help.

  • Mood swings

For this, an elderly may show symptoms such as not talking to anyone or preferring to stay in a quiet room all day long. If they begin to act strangely towards you or other family members, they need help ASAP.

  • Forgetfulness

Are they misplacing things quickly, such as house keys, room keys, or even forgetting to turn off the shower?

Although there might be little you can do to help your aged parents, you are not left without options. Elderlink has been helping individuals and families overcome many of these issues. They have been in the senior care business for over twenty years, and their connection with professionals who can assist in these matters is vast.

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