New Years’ is over, and all the presents have been opened; the Xmas tree is out in front of the home waiting for the trash man to pick it up. How to Overcome Holiday Depression in the Elderly

We all know how the holiday season unites many families, promotes marital commitment, and brings joy to millions of people globally. For most seniors, the situation might be different. For some of them, December only means isolation and sadness. While for others, it generally results in a decline in cognitive ability, making them more or less like a couch potato.

Here are useful tips to help your loved one know if you feel lonely due to the holiday and combat holiday depression tactfully.

  • Identify changes in your mood.

Are you suddenly feeling less energy than usual? If you are feeling sad, it would be better to acknowledge your feelings and speak out. The first step to finding relief from depression is to become aware of your feelings. And when possible, share with a friend or a professional. It is carrying it around inside that makes us feel poorly and get sick.

  • Spend time with animals.

Spending time with some animals, especially pets, can alleviate the feeling of loneliness. This feeling surfaces for different reasons. It could be that you feel left out of the “holiday grove.” Or you wished your adult children and grandchildren were present with you. Whatever the reason for your depressed look during the holiday, many experts have opined that spending time with pets can reduce such feelings drastically. Unconditional love is what you receive from your pets; that is extremely important and a wonderful feeling

  • Engage in outdoor activities esthetician.

Despite the fall season during the holidays, there are some senior-friendly recreational and fun activities you could engage in to eliminate depression gradually. Exercise is another excellent way to stay active and prevent you from falling in to depression frequently. Feeling good physically and looking good physically does wonder for our spirit

  • Connect with friends and family.

Spending your first holiday in an assisted living facility can be daunting because you aren’t used to the system yet. You may feel homesick and depressed. You can let go of loneliness by connecting with your adult kids and other family members regularly. Your close friends could also offer you some emotional support during this time.

  • Help others.

Volunteering in your local region is a great way to feel good about yourself and focus on helping others as well. Many organizations seek volunteering services for specific positions for the elderly. You could join one of them in your spare time. Bringing light and love into someone’s life will give you a feeling that is matched by very few other things you do.

  • Seek professional help.

Despite all these suggestions, if you still discover that you are persistently sad, it may be time to seek professional help as soon as you can. Although family members may provide support, they are generally not qualified and cannot render you help as an expert would.

By working with a professional to alleviate your depression, you will identify triggers and discover more ways to become resilient. Elderlink is a genuinely fantastic company; they answer questions that other Senior Living locators would not even know where to start. Well trained, passionate, intelligent, and on your side to find the right location for all your needs. This phone number may be the most critical number to have when properly caring for your parents, family members, and friends. 1 800 613-5772