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Are you too old to learn a new language at 50+? Experts say no! Many studies have revealed that it is even easier to learn another language during your golden years. Nowadays, several technological advancements make it easier for anyone to learn another language without sweating. Seniors can leverage this technology and make learning fun.

For instance, there are different fun and engaging games that can teach you a new language from the comfort of your home. See why we think the elderly can learn a new language.

  • Language learning improves cognition

Do you know that bilingualism improves cognition and it’s a good way to exercise the muscles in the brain? Therefore, if an elderly can learn a few words each day, it will have immense effects on the brain, making it more flexible and efficient.

Brain games could keep the mind young by exposing it to new words and concepts each day. The elderly needs these activities to maintain focus, increase concentration, remember directions, lists, etc. Elderlink is always looking for new ideas to help our senior community stay on track.

Other benefits of learning a new language for seniors

First of all, taking language lessons is a great way for your aged loved one to leave the house regularly and meet people. Most seniors undervalue this type of socialization, but it could be all they need to stay energetic and ward off common age-related health problems.

Learning a new language could add a dose of confidence to a person’s life. The elderly are no exception. With increased self-confidence, seniors will discover that they can do more complex things, which they usually tagged as “impossible.”

Another helpful way learning a new language could benefit the elderly is if they could spend some time travelling either for an occasion, weekend trip or vacation.

Even though this may not be feasible for most aged people, but many seniors have the capacity (financial, mental and physical) to travel even beyond 65 years. Therefore, if your aged loved one could learn a new language, they will find those tips helpful and rewarding. Moreover, it will help them to have a more positive outlook towards life.

Learning a new language is a good way for the elderly can strengthen their cognitive abilities. Are you or your aged loved one above age 50? It is never too late to learn a second language.

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How to Avoid the Mistakes Most People Make When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

There are certain times in your life when you know making the right choice is the only option you have left. So you either get it right this time or face the sad consequences. Finding the right assisted living community for yourself or an aged loved one is a decision you have to consider critically.

Since it involves many factors, most people quickly make mistakes and forget to consider some things before choosing a facility. Below are the errors and the best way to avoid them.

  1. Thinking that assisted living communities with high prices, luxury names, and beautiful locations are the best option: in elderly care, bigger doesn’t always mean better. An assisted living community located in a remote town may often offer everything your loved one needs better than many big communities. Don’t be swayed by sweet names and other fancy stuff. We find so many clients have been sold on the amenities that may mean nothing to the resident but sound so good.
  2. Choosing a facility in a hurry: the process is primarily for a community that seems to be the best choice, which may rarely be the best eventually.
  3. Not doing enough research about a facility be sure to do extensive research about an assisted living community, so you know everything about payments, hidden charges, personal health care fees, etc. That may not be evident initially. Elderlink shows you everything, all costs and what to expect.
  4. Thinking location is the most crucial factor: it’s normal for adult children to desire a close community so their aged parents won’t be far away in another city. But, although proximity is essential, it might not be the best option for them.

Seek Professional Help from a Senior Referral Placement Service

How about you get the professional help that will remove the burden of finding a suitable facility off your shoulders? Elderlink is the most efficient way. If you need the best free senior referral service for your aged loved one, we are just a phone call away. But if you decide to do it by yourself, you will find lots of communities that look beautiful on the outside. But how do you know if they will meet the needs of your loved one? When you tour an assisted living community, the salesperson will not tell you the negative aspect of the facility.

You need an independent professional to tell you the pros and cons of the assisted living communities near you. Delay no more! Call us right away and relax while we find the best fit for your loved one at no cost. ELDERLINK.ORG 1-800-613-5772. When you are looking for the best call our number.

Tips for Finding an Excellent Senior Home for Your Aged Parents

Finding a retirement home for your aged parents may not be a smooth ride. But one thing is sure, and you have to be prepared to do a lot of research and compare your results critically to enable you to make informed decisions on behalf of your aged loved one. Elderlink will walk you through the critical steps you should consider while searching for a safe senior-friendly community for your parents.

  • Value the time

One thing you should never do is underestimate the time spent researching senior care options in your area and state. A few hours in a week or day will go a long way to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes or take decisions that you may regret later. That is why using an expert like Elderlink will make this entire process run smoothly with the results you are seeking.

  • Speak with an expert

If you don’t have much time to dedicate to this venture, you may be better off speaking with a senior living advisor who may have better options that won’t cost you much time to understand and get over.  Alternatively, contacting They offer senior care placement services that you may want to consider due to their immense benefits.

  • Be mindful of your observations

Your research could reveal potential flags or lapses in the services rendered by a senior care community. In as much as this may be difficult, please don’t ignore it. More often than not, such lapses could blow up into reality as soon as your aged loved one moves into the facility.

  • Identify your aged parent’s health challenges

This is usually the principal factor that determines the senior care option that you settle for eventually. If your aged loved one has critical care conditions that require expert medical attention, they may be better off in a nursing home. But if they only need mild assistance with their daily activities, you may choose from the many assistant living services in your state. Eldercare knows them all. That is why one call to them will make all the difference 1 800 613-5772

The terrain of retirement could be challenging for anyone. But as you make an effort to understand your parents’ health care needs and find suitable retirement options, you are creating a roadmap for a safer future. Let Elderlink lead the way.

We are a free service to the public available 24/7.

How to Care for Your Aged Parents While Working Full-Time

Most families can’t afford to hire a full-time caregiver. And eventually, you may find yourself caring for your aged mom or dad all by yourself. So this means you may have to juggle between spending time at work and spending time at home caring for your aged parent.

No doubt, this is an overwhelming task for anyone. At a point, you may feel like you have two full-time jobs. But is there a way out? How can you cope with such responsibility and still maintain your sanity at work? 

If you are struggling between care giving and a full-time job, you should know that things could get better or worse. It depends on how you handle the situation. You could manage it effectively if you implement these suggestions.

1.        Tell your employer the truth

A supportive workplace is the key to balancing the situation. Therefore, it would be best to talk with your employer and let them know the problem you are facing. Be firm about your resolve to keep your job despite the pressure.

Your employee may suggest ways to lighten your workload or reduce the time you spend at work. However, this approach is best suited for employees that already have a strong rapport with their employers.

  • Create time to care for yourself

It’s very easy to stop caring for your personal needs when you assume a caregiver’s role together with your job. The truth is that you will hardly find time to do so, even when you feel the need. But this can make your health deteriorate fast if you continue that way.

Therefore, we recommend you find the time to practice your daily exercise and self-care, even if it’s 15 minutes in a day. Remember that your aged loved one needs you to be strong enough for them.

  • Delegate tasks and ask for help

Never make the mistake of thinking you can do it all. We are humans, and there is an extent we can go. At a point, your body may need some rest, and when it doesn’t get it, you may experience ill health or more

You could ask your spouse, friend, or relative to help you care for your aged parent once in a while. It could be once or twice a week. Since you can’t afford to employ a full-time caregiver, you could hire on a part-time basis or delegate specific tasks to the caregiver, which may likely reduce their charge per hour too.

You owe it to yourself and everyone else to stay healthy physically and mentally, even while caring for an aged parent.

The experts here at have had to deal with situations as challenging or worse than this many times over the years. There always seems to be an answer if everyone works together. A senior mostly understands everyone else’s life cannot stop only to meet the senior’s needs. Only in very unusual cases do the seniors not understand that all have a lives to live. Keep in mind they see the situation too, and in most cases, will try to adapt to make it a bit easier for all.

No one wants to be a burden and will be willing to work with everyone to ensure the proper answer is reached.

Always state your case, ask all for their opinion, and the answer will come out in the wash. Check other suggestions all on the website; we are a center of great tips, we should be with over 60 years experience. Or call us directly at  800- 613- 5772, our services are free to the public, we are available 24/7.

New Years’ is over, and all the presents have been opened; the Xmas tree is out in front of the home waiting for the trash man to pick it up. How to Overcome Holiday Depression in the Elderly

We all know how the holiday season unites many families, promotes marital commitment, and brings joy to millions of people globally. For most seniors, the situation might be different. For some of them, December only means isolation and sadness. While for others, it generally results in a decline in cognitive ability, making them more or less like a couch potato.

Here are useful tips to help your loved one know if you feel lonely due to the holiday and combat holiday depression tactfully.

  • Identify changes in your mood.

Are you suddenly feeling less energy than usual? If you are feeling sad, it would be better to acknowledge your feelings and speak out. The first step to finding relief from depression is to become aware of your feelings. And when possible, share with a friend or a professional. It is carrying it around inside that makes us feel poorly and get sick.

  • Spend time with animals.

Spending time with some animals, especially pets, can alleviate the feeling of loneliness. This feeling surfaces for different reasons. It could be that you feel left out of the “holiday grove.” Or you wished your adult children and grandchildren were present with you. Whatever the reason for your depressed look during the holiday, many experts have opined that spending time with pets can reduce such feelings drastically. Unconditional love is what you receive from your pets; that is extremely important and a wonderful feeling

  • Engage in outdoor activities esthetician.

Despite the fall season during the holidays, there are some senior-friendly recreational and fun activities you could engage in to eliminate depression gradually. Exercise is another excellent way to stay active and prevent you from falling in to depression frequently. Feeling good physically and looking good physically does wonder for our spirit

  • Connect with friends and family.

Spending your first holiday in an assisted living facility can be daunting because you aren’t used to the system yet. You may feel homesick and depressed. You can let go of loneliness by connecting with your adult kids and other family members regularly. Your close friends could also offer you some emotional support during this time.

  • Help others.

Volunteering in your local region is a great way to feel good about yourself and focus on helping others as well. Many organizations seek volunteering services for specific positions for the elderly. You could join one of them in your spare time. Bringing light and love into someone’s life will give you a feeling that is matched by very few other things you do.

  • Seek professional help.

Despite all these suggestions, if you still discover that you are persistently sad, it may be time to seek professional help as soon as you can. Although family members may provide support, they are generally not qualified and cannot render you help as an expert would.

By working with a professional to alleviate your depression, you will identify triggers and discover more ways to become resilient. Elderlink is a genuinely fantastic company; they answer questions that other Senior Living locators would not even know where to start. Well trained, passionate, intelligent, and on your side to find the right location for all your needs. This phone number may be the most critical number to have when properly caring for your parents, family members, and friends. 1 800 613-5772