As ever more of the 78 million baby boomers continue to age into their golden years and approximately10 million senior citizens already receive daily care to help get dressed, prepare meals or or other daily activities, it may be time to become more familiar with various types of elder care that allow the elderly to maintain some form of independence and live at home.

Medical alert systems: Offering the most privacy and possibly one of the least expensive options for senior care assistance, medical alert systems call or signal emergency services when necessary. The devices may consist of a necklace or wristband with an emergency button and when the button is pressed, a dispatcher who has access to the senior’s profile and medical history is called. The type of help dispatched usually depends upon the situation and the dispatcher may call a neighbor, family member or medical center. Most medical alert systems fees range between $30 and $50 a month, though an extra level of services, such as motion-sensor technology that automatically contacts a dispatcher if it detects the user has fallen, will be more expensive.
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