This has been a most interesting year for all of us here at Elderlink, we have helped more families find Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Care Facilities and Board and Care Homes than any year in the history of Elderlink. With the economy being so poor it is quite unexpected, on the other hand the fact remains that when our elderly family members need help we must act on it. Looking forward to the coming year bringing us increased hope for the future, we wish all a New Year of health and happiness, we are always here to help you.


Communicating Beyond Language

When our language skills are intact, we can be the life of the party and at the top of our game. If our language skills are diminished through an accident or illness, we can find ourselves sitting on the sideline of life needing someone to assist us in communicating our needs.

The dictionary defines communication as something that communicates information from one person to another. We are all aware of how good and bad communication can affect our lives and relationships. Often, communication is judged solely on words spoken, but in fact, communication can take many forms. Facial expressions, human touch and body language are some of the most effective ways to communicate cues and feelings, especially when one suffers from dementia
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