Thursday night a gas line explosion in San Bruno, California stunning an entire neighborhood, a devastating aftermath of one of the worst disasters in PG&E’s history, the death toll in the firestorm that ripped through this San Bruno hillside neighborhood climbed to four Friday.

With many board and care owners in the residential neighborhoods of San Ramon, we immediately sent an email to every facility in the area to confirm their safety,fearing the worst.

To date, none of the Board and Care facilities that we work with were victims of the fires.

As the confirmations arrive, one owner of several board and care facilities sent the following message:

“Thankfully, the explosion was a few blocks away, and we were unaffected physically. The residents said it sounded like a plane crashed down the street. I am just feeling so helpless for all of the families who were affected. Literally just a few blocks away. People were running down the street of fire. I can’t imagine.”

I really appreciate your email, and appreciate that you thought of us.
Laura Nobis.

We are very thankful for their safety.