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Elderlink's Qualified Care Counselors Base Referrals On Individual Needs

There comes a time in most every family's existence when the subject of senior care for a parent or loved one must be discussed. A difficult conversation to have on its face, it becomes even more difficult given that each case, each individual, requires a different set of services to meet their needs. This is something the qualified care professionals of Elderlink never forget. A free senior referral service offering personalized referral lists for nursing homes, dementia care, assisted living facilities, board and care facilities and more, Elderlink takes the time to consider the individual at the heart of each referral request.

Understanding each circumstance is unique means taking a number of specific factors into account. For example, what are the physical needs of the person, and how best can these needs be met? The economical needs of the family also come into play. How much will proper care cost, and what can the family afford? What about geographical considerations? Is there a suitable facility near where the senior citizen is living now and that is close to family and friends? Finally, what are the social needs of the person, and which facility best meets these needs?

Working with Elderlink, you'll be able to find senior care that is not only appropriate but also cost effective. The process is completed by phone or by filling out an Online Referral Request Form; with Elderlink qualified counselors manning the phones 24/7 to answer your questions and get the referral process started. All of the factors elaborated on above will be taken into consideration, with prospective facilities pre-screened and evaluated by Elderlink before being added or eliminated from your personal referral list.

As a family you owe it to your loved one and yourself to understand the options available to you and how they relate to your specific situation. Elderlink has been serving all of California since 1994, and has garnered its peerless reputation by remembering the individual at the heart of each referral request. Licensed by the California Department of Public Health and certified by the Department of Social Services, Elderlink invites you to take advantage of their free senior referral services.

ELDERLINK is staffed by qualified, knowledgeable people who prescreen and evaluate care facilities for you. We have operators standing by 24/7 to answer your questions at 800-613-5772. Or, you can visit our website www.elderlink.org and submit a Referral Request Form today.

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