What Should I Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility?

When choosing an assisted living facility, it’s reasonable to consider safety, your happiness, and your comfort. Although it’s essential for the facility to be neat and well-maintained. However, less emphasis should be placed on physical attributes such as furnishings and amenities.

This is because there are other important things to be considered, as well. Fancy or expensive surroundings in the way of furniture, giant TV or Chandeliers does equal happiness. Let’s be honest with ourselves, it is better to seek happiness and comfort, especially during your golden years. Elderlink.org has suggestions and general guidance to help you answering all your questions making this process simple and easy.

We have highlighted some of the things you may want to consider before moving to an assisted living facility near you. We suggest you watch out for these factors when you conduct a check or an inspection on the facility.

  • Does the environment describe a place you can call home?

Do you see the facility as inviting, warming and friendly? Although it’s based on personal preference and what you want from a facility, so if you prefer a cozier and quiet place, you might not like a facility that is bustling with residents and different activities. Completing our initial comprehensive assessment, we can assist you right from the start knowing what you want, expect and hope to find..

  • How does the management handle complaints?

This is extremely important because if you experience some unprofessional behavior from staff you want a home where the issue is resolved quickly and professionally. As much as it pains us to broach this topic, a resident could become a victim of elder abuse caused by anyone within the facility. Knowing the facility is quick to act and are aware to keep an eye out for such behavior is of major importance to you.

  • Do you find the food appealing?

Be sure to look at the weeks menu and the choices they offer. Is the food nutritious and delicious?  Are residents allowed to eat in the privacy of their rooms? If not, what is the walking distance from the rooms to the dining table? Also, are family members allowed to bring food and drinks for their aged, loved one during a visit to the facility?

  • Do they organize senior-friendly activities that you are interested in?

Does the facility provide various fun activities that you can engage in during your stay at the facility? Many assisted living communities provide recreational activities that might interest you. Such activities include a library, gym, swimming pool, and games. Finding such amenities will go a long way to curb senior isolation and depression.

  • Rising health challenges

As we age, we might face health challenges that are beyond our control. Since many assisted living facilities are not designed to accommodate seniors with severe health problems, you should address any issues or questions before moving to an assisted living community. Finding answers to these questions and even more can guarantee your happiness and how long you will reside in such facility.

Elderlink.org is here for you, our clients have sterling testimonials to share about us because we care. It is our goal to ensure your happiness prior to moving to any facility. This is probably the biggest reason we have been in business since 1939, you always come first. Call us today and find what exceptional customer service is all about. 800 – 613-5772.