Senior citizens are rapidly becoming the predominant age group around the globe so it is any surprise that elder care providers are also older than ever before? As the US population of baby boomers continues to approach retirement age and the average overall life span increases, the demand for elder care services, such as nurses’ aides, home health aides and companions, has created new employment opportunities. For senior citizens who may have already retired but are still active adults or are in the later stage of their professional medical careers, a career in elder care may be a great option.

“Among the overall population of direct-care workers, 29 percent are projected to be 55 or older by 2018, up from 22 percent a decade earlier, according to an analysis by the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, or PHI, a New York-based nonprofit advocating for workers caring for the country’s elderly and disabled. In some segments of the workforce, including personal and home care aides, those 55 and older are the largest single age demographic,” Fox News Latino reported in January 2014.

Although some elder care services require a relatively high degree of physical strength that might be beyond some older adult health care workers, attributes such as a commonality in life experience, can be an asset. Home health care aides may only need to assist with simple tasks, including to help dress a client, prepare meals, basic house cleaning, laundry or driving a client to appointments. These types of tasks as well as the accompanying companionship can be a great help to a senior citizen who lives alone or to a primary caregiver a break.

As in any type of care profession, there can be a certain amount of physical and mental stamina required but it can also be a great way to feel a sense of purpose in addition to supplementing a limited income. Senior citizens caring for other senior citizens is very likely become a growing trend in the future.

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