Are you no longer able to live independently but you are worried about who will care for your pet? Of course your faithful champion deserves a good home and luckily, numerous assisted living facilities agree!

According to USA Today, “the pitter-patter of little feet is an increasingly common sound at nursing homes and senior-living residences” throughout the United States.

Residents may be permitted to bring their pets with them, easing the transition into their new home by presenting spontaneous opportunities to interact with other residents and staff. Pet-friendly assisted living facilities recognize that caring for their pets may give their residents a sense of familiarity and purpose, including staying active by going outside to walk their dog outside or staying indoors to play with their cat.

If you love animals but don’t have your own pet, not to worry. There are also senior-living centers with “resident” pets, animals that were rescued from local shelters to live as part of the facility’ community. Beyond cats and dogs, some elder care residences are home to birds, fish and even horses.

Remember to ask about any pet policies before committing to a nursing home or assisted living facility, especially if you have any allergies to animals. Some residences offer pet-free living quarters, which would still give seniors the opportunity to interact with community dogs, cats or birds in common areas.

The unconditional love of a pet can help combat the loneliness many seniors face. If the time has come when you or a family member can no longer live independently, you may want to consider a pet-friendly senior care facility. Please contact ElderLink to learn about senior care services and facilities available throughout California.