Elderlink.org Explains How to Care For an Elderly Parent at Home When Possible

When exploring a long term care plan, it would be best to consider first caring for an elderly parent at home. First, it would help to save costs, but it would also give comfort that the senior gets the care they need in the comfort of their home. Here at Elderlink.org, we understand the need to keep parents close. When it is time to turn that care over to the professionals at a senior living location, Eldercare knows how to assist and make this transition go smooth and safe, allowing the senior to feel comfortable making a move. Here are two ways to look at care for your seniors. Be it at home or a senior living location

  • Monitor your parents’ well being
  • The level of attention you need to give an older adult varies. Most times, all you need to do is check on their activities regularly or monitor their conversations. But at times, these aren’t just enough. You may also need to perform physical surveillance. Most seniors may not show signs of Alzheimer’s or depression until they are well into the advanced stages. Many families move their parents to an assisted living location once they see the initial onset of Alzheimer’s instead of waiting for them to fall more ill and then fight to stay home and not move because of fear.

  • Seek help on time
  • Most times, it can be hard to continue caring for aged parents with increasing needs. That is why we suggest you have professional help ready anytime trouble strikes. You may schedule specific times during the year to invite an experienced medical professional to check them. On the other hand, if you have found the appropriate senior living location, that is part of their job, ensuring your family is always cared for at any time. 

  • Could you encourage them to eat healthily?
  • Seniors are at more risk of malnutrition than younger adults. Even at that, you should discourage them from overeating junk and processed food. There are different types of nutritious meals they can eat that align with their dietary restrictions. Try to prepare easy-ready meals or teach them how to do so when you aren’t at home.

    Here the advantage of a senior living facility makes sense. Most all have a nutritionist create the menu, and each person receives the meal best suited for their current condition, or just an excellent nutritious meal is served three times a day, which makes the best sense.

  • Make your home a safe place (Most Important)
  • Make your home as senior-friendly as possible. A safe living environment is one step you should never skip if you choose to take care of your aged parents at home successfully. Ensure the staircase, lawn, and corridors of your home are brightly lightly to prevent falls. Other places in the house, such as the bathroom and dining areas, should have senior-friendly flooring. Should you choose your parent to live in a senior care home, all of these items are completed before you move in. Choices for your senior family members can be daunting, but knowing they are safe, happy and in good health is first and foremost.

  • Keep them active socially
  • Your aged parents may be used to their former active and busy lives when they had to go to work in the mornings and return late in the evenings. They may become lonely and feel depressed if they retreat from such a busy lifestyle. As much as you can, engage them physically and socially. The additional idea is to encourage them to become part of religious or recreational events in their neighborhood. They can also become part of clubs and other associations to find their age group and mingle easily.

    So often it just makes sense to have you parent of senior friend move to a well maintained Senior Living Facility. Making friends, doing thing together, going places, spending time during the day with a lot of faces you get to know pretty quick seems to be the best answer for most seniors. Speak to the experts and Elderlink.net They will assist you from day one on how to make the transistion much more simple than what you think.

    Caring for an aged parent is, no doubt, a labor of love. With these tips, you can help your parents find the balance they seek and gain yours too. When the time comes, you realize the level of care you are offering is probably not enough; that is when you call elderlink.org. They have been serving families throughout California since 1939. Working with a successful company when it comes to family or friends is extremely important. Call us today and learn more about what is available for that senior you love. 800 – 613-5772