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Elderlink Reviews How Senior Citizens Are Coping With the Change

(NOTE)Elderlink takes every patient’s life and health seriously. To us, you are not a number or a name; you are our client and responsibility. Finding you a senior living facility is the easy part. More critical, finding you a facility that follows every government required COVID 19 rule, plus continuously test other tenants for fever, coughing, or additional symptoms of this hideous disease regularly is a must for you to live there. We will hold your hand to ensure your next living location meets these and all other safety factors.

A few years ago, being hospitable was seen as a desirable habit. But the story is no longer the same as you read this post. We are now scared of welcoming visitors into our homes, visiting public places, accepting gifts from anyone, or visiting the sick in the hospital.

Thriving is an essential aspect of living. In any situation we find ourselves, the first thing we should seek is how to succeed in staying healthy, only then can we survive. It’s no longer news that senior citizens are facing severe challenges globally as a result of the pandemic. How can the elderly thrive amidst such circumstances?

Thriving is paramount to your mental and physical health. It’s also a sign of independence. But in any society, the elderly cannot thrive without help from others. How can they seek help and remain safe?

Elderlink has suggestions for senior family members who still live on their own. If you are struggling to cope with the effect of the pandemic, learn lessons from those who are already thriving. Seniors who struggle for survival during these critical times should do the following:

  • Live in a secure environment

The elderly are encouraged to live a secure environment that supports healthy aging. Family members should make their homes as safe as possible for their elderly parents. When children provide the needed care for their parents, they can help them feel secure and alleviate the feeling of stress.

Seniors who live alone due to divorce or losing a spouse can leverage social engagement, senior-friendly exercises, and volunteer their service to help combat the feeling of loneliness and depression.

  • Get support

The significance of getting support at the right time cannot be overemphasized. In the United States, different medical communities offer assistance to seniors during the coronavirus pandemic. Also, our state provides access to free consultations, incentives, and moral support to seniors, which can help them deal with stress.

Many religious and Non-for-profit organizations have availed themselves to give the elderly moral and financial aid during the lockdown and even after.

How assisted living communities are helping

The “no visiting” rule established by assisted living communities across the country has made it difficult for seniors to connect with their families during the pandemic. But this is for their good too as it has provided a safe environment for seniors to thrive. Such stringent health protocols will help to protect them and make them less vulnerable to the virus.

If you abide by the rules set by your community and government, then learn from others who are successfully coping with the pandemic, you will be able to find the inner peace you seek and stay safe as possible during these unprecedented times.

ELDERLINK IS HERE FOR YOU. We will find you the right facility with the right qualities for you to live in comfort and safety. Call us today and get on the right track for the appropriate living location for you or your loved one. 800 613-5722

Elderlink Discusses Leaving Lockdown? How to Help Seniors Cope with Fear

Although the pandemic is still hitting hard, an increase in adherence to safety precautions and good hygienic practice has led to better management of the situation. Do you sometimes feel you are better off shopping from home and accessing almost all your needs online? You are not out of place. Statistics have revealed that 7 out of 10 Americans relied heavily on online shopping during these past few months of global unrest. Since the virus is still evolving, it’s therefore paramount that we continue to practice social distancing, good personal hygiene, and other healthy practices to curb the spread of the virus. sees the lockdown rules are changing significantly for many states as they are getting relaxed gradually. It feels great to know that soon; life will return to normal once again. All of us expected many people would be resuming work in various states, and most businesses that were formally shut are now reopening.

In this, there is a spark of hope.  Still keep in mind, it also triggers fear in the minds of many people who are scared of what lies ahead of them. Elderlink recommends you adhere to state laws and newly launched sanitation practices, what if our anxiety becomes overwhelming?

How Much Is Too Much?

Will the active cases of COVID -19 increase tremendously when things bounce back to normal? Are your safety and that of your elderly loved ones guaranteed as you visit public places? These are the questions on the lips of many. You don’t have to panic but take necessary actions to help the elderly cope with fear.

Encourage them to practice safety measures that include:

  • Shopping from home

Most seniors prefer to shop for necessities themselves. But not at this time, encourage your elderly parents to seek help when they can. They can also buy online for their needs instead of visiting malls regularly. More so, older adults can help their elderly parents with specific tasks that require them to leave their homes frequently.

  • Maintaining physical distancing

Seniors are easily vulnerable to a variety of ailments, and the virus is not an exception. But they can reduce the rate of vulnerability when they maintain social distancing each time they visit public places.

  • Seek professional help

Although many businesses have shut down their doors due to the pandemic, we promise you we aren’t shutting ours on you. We remain committed to providing top-notch senior referral service. So feel free to call us and discuss your senior care needs. We will offer expert advice based on your situation. 800 613-5772. Elderlink, serving California since 1939.

Helping the Elderly to Practice Social Distancing

It can be challenging to get older parents to understand the significance of social distancing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The elderly have a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus because of the weakened state of their immune system and possibly other physical issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seniors are advised to take social distancing seriously and remain indoors if possible. But what if your elderly parents don’t want to listen to you?

The truth is that facing too much resistance from your aged parents regarding social distancing might lead to frustrations and stressful conversations. If they continually ignore the advice of the CDC, Elderlink offers these tips to help get the message heard. 

  • Get A Health Expert To Speak With Them

If you observed that your aged parents hardly listen to your advice even before the pandemic started, then you should know that you might not be the right person to advise them on social distancing. The truth is that most parents see their adult children as kids. Therefore, you should think of someone your parents can easily trust, such as a health practitioner or a close friend.

  • Advice With Love And Not Control

Most times, the reason for their resistance could be how you advise them. It is best to keep in mind; this is not the perfect time to shout and forcefully restrain them from others in the neighborhood. Instead, let love lead. Let them know the reason why you want them to distance themselves from others. More so, reassure them of your constant love and how you want them to stay safe and healthy.

  • Share Information From Reliable Sources

Each day, rumors spread on various social media platforms and all across the internet about COVID-19. That information might make it challenging to know what to accept or not. It is more challenging to tell them to disregard any information they get online that does not emanate from authority sites such as the CDC.

  • Regular Communication

Most times, you might not know what your parents are going through unless you speak with them often and ask about important current events, and what do they think?. If they aren’t following the CDC guideline, again talk to them with patience and respect. We know many of us may be a bit on edge with all that is happening today. When speaking to anyone, including your parents, the conversation may get a bit heated if you find they are following the wrong information. It is not a matter of whether you are right or wrong, but convincing them to change a habit they are probably used to for many years.

While trying to encourage your parents or any senior to distance themselves from others, it’s vital to consider another risk factor, which is isolation and loneliness – the leading cause of depression in the elderly. Do what you can to offer solutions for both situations. 

Call us today, and we will assist you in finding the right senior housing to meet all the needs of your parents and loved ones. Call 800 613-5772.

Elderlink Wants You to Know
We Are in This Together!

We are facing a very dark period globally. And we know the harsh effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are already telling on you. We want to check on you to ensure that you are safe in your end. Our team wants to assure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But only if we all stay healthy and keep the hope alive, can we emerge victorious in the end.

Although it might be demanding right now, but we are assuring you that it’s all going to end soon. Even if we can’t ascertain when the crisis will be over, we are confident that we are drawing closer to its end by the passing of each day.

So please don’t give up! We need you just like you need us during this time of global crisis. While the government is doing all it can to ensure the corona virus is curbed entirely, we expect you to do your part as well. It takes collective effort to drive this virus to its grave. We encourage everyone including seniors to join forces together with the authorities and adhere to the safety measures to prevent the spread of the disease.


We are willing to assist you with strength from our collective and unmatched resilience which you need. Now is the time to rise as one and fight this pandemic. We all have to prove that the virus is no match to our collective resolve as Americans.

Even though the way we live our lives and interact with others might have changed drastically during these past few weeks, we are convinced that you can still find the support you need. On our part, we will continue to support government initiatives and remain available to assist you in finding appropriate senior care facilities.

Therefore, you can always reach out to us through phone call or by filling the request form online.

 800-613-5772 or

We are in this together, and we will pull through soon. Let’s take collective responsibility and remain safe.

We wish you well.

The entire team at Elderlink

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility?

When choosing an assisted living facility, it’s reasonable to consider safety, your happiness, and your comfort. Although it’s essential for the facility to be neat and well-maintained. However, less emphasis should be placed on physical attributes such as furnishings and amenities.

This is because there are other important things to be considered, as well. Fancy or expensive surroundings in the way of furniture, giant TV or Chandeliers does equal happiness. Let’s be honest with ourselves, it is better to seek happiness and comfort, especially during your golden years. has suggestions and general guidance to help you answering all your questions making this process simple and easy.

We have highlighted some of the things you may want to consider before moving to an assisted living facility near you. We suggest you watch out for these factors when you conduct a check or an inspection on the facility.

  • Does the environment describe a place you can call home?

Do you see the facility as inviting, warming and friendly? Although it’s based on personal preference and what you want from a facility, so if you prefer a cozier and quiet place, you might not like a facility that is bustling with residents and different activities. Completing our initial comprehensive assessment, we can assist you right from the start knowing what you want, expect and hope to find..

  • How does the management handle complaints?

This is extremely important because if you experience some unprofessional behavior from staff you want a home where the issue is resolved quickly and professionally. As much as it pains us to broach this topic, a resident could become a victim of elder abuse caused by anyone within the facility. Knowing the facility is quick to act and are aware to keep an eye out for such behavior is of major importance to you.

  • Do you find the food appealing?

Be sure to look at the weeks menu and the choices they offer. Is the food nutritious and delicious?  Are residents allowed to eat in the privacy of their rooms? If not, what is the walking distance from the rooms to the dining table? Also, are family members allowed to bring food and drinks for their aged, loved one during a visit to the facility?

  • Do they organize senior-friendly activities that you are interested in?

Does the facility provide various fun activities that you can engage in during your stay at the facility? Many assisted living communities provide recreational activities that might interest you. Such activities include a library, gym, swimming pool, and games. Finding such amenities will go a long way to curb senior isolation and depression.

  • Rising health challenges

As we age, we might face health challenges that are beyond our control. Since many assisted living facilities are not designed to accommodate seniors with severe health problems, you should address any issues or questions before moving to an assisted living community. Finding answers to these questions and even more can guarantee your happiness and how long you will reside in such facility. is here for you, our clients have sterling testimonials to share about us because we care. It is our goal to ensure your happiness prior to moving to any facility. This is probably the biggest reason we have been in business since 1939, you always come first. Call us today and find what exceptional customer service is all about. 800 – 613-5772.